diagnodentThe right technology makes a difference. We strive to employ the latest dental techniques and equipment, while maintaining a high level of continuing education. The advanced equipment and procedures we utilize in our office include:

Diagnodent is a hand-held laser used to diagnose cavities at any stage of development. It allows for a pain-free, highly-accurate and fast diagnosis that allows Dr. Holladay to treat cavities early and successfully.  After drying your teeth, Dr. Holladay will point the laser at each one, and read the laser’s monitor to see if you have any cavities, their location and extent.

Low Radiation Digital X-Rays
Digital X-Rays are taken with very low radiation. They require less time to process than traditional X-rays, use no harmful chemicals, and can be digitally enhanced or enlarged to aid Dr. Holladay in treatment planning. We use Schick digital x rays and we show them to each patient on TV screens that are in front of and behind each patient in each guest’s room. You can see the cavity for yourself instead of taking the dentist word on it.

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera allows us to take instant digital images of the teeth and intraoral surfaces. Dr. Holladay can then display these high resolution images on a computer monitor in the operatory, allowing the patient to share in the dentist’s view. Allowing patients to view their teeth is a tremendous asset for Dr. Holladay, as it allows him to coordinate with patients regarding treatment needs and intended treatment outcomes. We take pictures on every patient at every new patient appointment.

Advanced Dental Implant Restoration
Recent advances in dental implant technology and bone regeneration allow trained surgeons to place dental implants, anchoring dentures and partials. Single tooth implants can also be restored immediately in a number of cases. Dr. Holladay is extensively trained and qualified to help restore missing teeth. Dr Holladay has a great working relationship with a surgeon and they have placed hundreds of implants that patient’s love.