Bonding Can Make Your Teeth Look White and Bright

dental bonding myrtle beachBonding of composite resins “white fillings” is ideal for small corrections, in which most of the tooth is healthy and stable. It can be used to correct a wide variety of problems, including minor decay, chips, cracks, gaps between teeth, discoloration and crooked teeth.

Composite resins are a more aesthetically-pleasing alternative to metal fillings or restorations. They have similar characteristics to a tooth’s natural enamel, and their color can be adjusted to match the particular color of your teeth. It is the ONLY option we offer at Carolina Forest Cosmetic Dentistry

Bonding can provide astounding improvements in tooth appearance.

The Bonding Procedure

Dental bonding procedures can usually be completed in one office visit. For minor alterations, the resin can be matched to your teeth while you are in the office. For more extensive alterations, an impression of the area needs to be taken and sent to a lab, where the final restoration will be constructed. Larger, custom-designed restorations are usually composed of porcelain rather than composite resin. Your custom restoration is bonded to the teeth on a second visit.

During the bonding procedure, a mild etching solution is first applied to the area of natural tooth enamel to receive the restoration. This solution roughens the surface, which allows for a stronger bond between the tooth and resin.

Next, the resin is placed on the tooth and treated with light that activates the bonding. Dr. Holladay then sculpts the resin to the desired shape and polishes the area.  The results are magnificent.  You can have a beautiful smile in a short period of time that looks great.  If you think bonding would be good for you, call our office today.  We will be glad to take a look at your teeth and determine if bonding would be an option for you.