Tooth Extractions Can Rid You Of The Pain

Tooth Extractions Carolina ForestEach individual tooth is important to the structure of the jaw and health of the surrounding teeth. For this reason, we will most often attempt to save the natural tooth using procedures such as fillings, inlays and onlays, build-ups and crowns or root canals. However, there are several possible reasons we might recommend extracting a tooth instead of saving it.

  • There can be so much decay in the tooth that it can not be restored and may endanger the surrounding teeth and jaw. In this case we will recommend the removing of the tooth and replacing it with a bridge, dental implant, or removable partial denture.
  • A baby tooth can cause problems if it does not fall out as it should. Most often, this is because it was not shaped correctly or it has too long of a root. It will be important to remove the baby tooth to make room for the permanent tooth to erupt.
  • Misaligned or impacted teeth (such as the Wisdom Teeth) can cause pain or discomfort and affect the alignment of the rest of the jaw.

With most extractions, a local anesthetic will be all that is needed to make the procedure comfortable. While this procedure is generally very fast, please share any concerns or preferences for sedation with Dr. Holladay.

When a tooth has been removed, nearby teeth may move and cause problems with chewing or with your jaw joint. To avoid these complications, Dr. Holladay may recommend that you replace the extracted tooth with a dental implant. Dental implants are the most natural replacement for missing teeth because they mimic the natural tooth root as opposed to simply bridging the gap as with Bridges. Because they replace the tooth root, they prevent the neighboring teeth from shifting and interfering with proper jaw function.

We don’t like to think about tooth extractions because we fill there is pain and discomfort associated with it.  However, that is why most people come in for a tooth extraction is because they are having pain.  The advancements in dentistry have made extractions and other treatments virtually pain free and there is very minimal discomfort which is mostly with the healing process.  Sometimes after an extraction is done, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to help keep down on infection and make the healing process easier.

If you are in pain and feel you may need a tooth removed, call our office today for a consultation or if it is an emergency we will get you in just as quick ast we can.