Dental implants are growing in popularity. And it’s no wonder. Now that people know they can replace their lost teeth with replacement teeth that are beautiful and fully functional, everybody wants them.

But as implants have grown in popularity, more dentists are offering them. And more dentists are offering to do the entire procedure for you.

However, there are good reasons why you should choose to work with two dentists rather than one for your dental implant procedure.

Why You Should Work with Two Dentists for Your Dental Implant

Work with Two Masters, Not One Apprentice

The truth is that the dental implant procedure is complicated, with a wide range of skills required. Very few dentists have really mastered all these skills. Usually, a dentist who offers the entire procedure is an apprentice at one part of the procedure, possibly at all parts. Because they focused on learning all parts of the procedure, they may not have mastered any of it.

But if you work with two different dentists, you will find that these dentists have focused on their part of the procedure, either the surgical placement of the implant root, or the cosmetic restoration that is the visible replacement tooth or teeth.

Another problem with dentists who do it all is that they likely don’t have as much experience doing any part of the procedure. They are dividing their efforts among the different parts of the procedure, instead of doing one part repeatedly. With dental implants, studies show that experience makes a huge difference in the success rate of procedures. Inexperienced implant dentists have a failure rate five times higher than experienced dentists.

Have Greater Choice

If you are choosing one dentist, you are resigning yourself to a certain set of choices, which likely means compromise. As we noted above, the dentist is likely at best a master of one or the other part of the procedure. You have to pick which one matters more: having a successful implant placed, or having an attractive, functional replacement crown.

Or maybe you like one part of your dentist’s philosophy, but not another. You have to take the good with the bad when you’re working with just one dentist.

But if you choose two dentists, you have greater ability to get everything on your wishlist, including the cosmetic parts of the procedure and the implant portion as well.

An Individual Doesn’t Know What He Doesn’t Know

An individual who is doing the entire process only knows what they know. They do things the way they do on the basis of their limited experience and training, and because they work alone, they don’t learn any better or even any different ways to do things.

However, specialists have many opportunities to learn new things. Oral surgeons or periodontists work with many cosmetic dentists, and vice versa. This gives them greater exposure to more different ideas, which helps them learn a greater variety of approaches to continually improve their craft.

We Believe a Specialist Gives the Best Care

At Carolina Forest Cosmetic Dentistry, we want to make sure all our patients have the best possible experience and results. We believe that working with a specialist for placing implants does that.

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