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Porcelain veneers can beautify your smile, but your results will only be as good as the skill of your dentist. Dr. Dustin Holladay can perform many cosmetic dentistry procedures, but it is for porcelain veneers that he has become famous. He enjoys this procedure because he loves giving great results to his patients. With extensive training and experience, he not only helps patients, he also teaches other dentists how to perform the procedure. Veneers are usually used to improve the appearance of stained, cracked, chipped, or crooked teeth. Smaller, more localized problems may be treatable using dental bonding procedures.

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Two Types of Veneers

There are two types of restorations we call veneers: ceramic or composite resins. Dentists apply composite resins directly to the teeth, and then shape them appropriately. Ceramic restorations can’t be applied directly. Technicians create ceramic veneers in a lab. Dr. Holladay then bonds these to your teeth.

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Composite restorations are typically less expensive than their porcelain counterparts, but they have a shorter life span. Composite resin restorations last between five and seven years, whereas porcelain restorations typically last well over 15 years.

Unlike bonding procedures used for small problems, most veneers require a tooth reduction prior to placement. This means that the thickness of your teeth must be slightly reduced to provide enough room for the veneer.

Veneer Options


Emax veneers are constructed of a hard, metal-free, and aesthetically natural material that marries form and function. Not only will your new smile be radiant, it will also last years longer than traditional restorations.

This is Dr. Holladay’s preferred ceramic system for anterior teeth, as its strength allows for incredibly thin, while maintaining incredible durability and surpassing porcelain’s aesthetic results.


The first step for porcelain veneers is impressions of your existing teeth. Dr. Holladay may need to make room for veneers with a buffing method to remove tooth enamel. Then we take impressions. We fit you with temporary veneers so your smile looks better already. We send the impressions to the lab for a wax-up. The wax-up shows you how we can transform your smile. It also gives you a chance to change the shape or size of the veneers before the lab makes them. This is the MOST important step and the step that most dentists skip entirely.

Next, we will carefully check the completed veneers for proper color matching and fit.

During the final placement of the veneers, we will lightly etch your tooth to strengthen the bond between the cement and the tooth. Next, Dr. Holladay will carefully bond the veneer to the teeth using a strong adherent. The last step is to look through the mirror at your new beautiful smile.


We can apply composite veneers during a single office visit. After careful discussion of desired results and options for treatment, we will help you choose the correct color for your veneer.

Next, Dr. Holladay will apply the resin directly to your teeth and carefully sculpt it into the desired shape. We treat the composite to solidify the bond between the tooth and the veneer. Sometimes we must apply composite in layers to achieve good results. When Dr. Holladay has achieved the desired shape, we will polish the veneers to give them a bright shine like natural enamel.

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