What do you think of when you hear the word “mutation”? It’s become a loaded word in our culture, conjuring images of strange humans with amazing powers or terrifying beasts spawned by toxic waste.

But the truth is that mutations happen all the time. Sometimes they’re favorable and they become common, like the ability to digest lactose as adults. Yeah, if you can do that, you’re a mutant. Other mutations are not as favorable, and they are rarer, but they can have a serious impact on you.

Now new research is reporting a type of mutation that can put your teeth at serious risk. It’s rare, but if you have it, you might end up with numerous dental crowns on teeth and potentially having to replace teeth at a young age.

The Mutation That Can Put Your Teeth at Risk

The Call of Calcium

The origin of this study was a dental patient who showed serious tooth problems from a very young age (8 months) because their teeth weren’t developing properly. By six years old, the child had multiple infected teeth, the sort of condition that is normally treated with root canal therapy. By age 8, the patient had numerous teeth that were breaking down.

Poor oral health wasn’t the patient’s only problem: they had compromised immune system and decreased muscle tone. Plus, their teeth weren’t the only skin-related structure that was defective, they had abnormal fingernails, too.

All these problems could be traced to a mutation of the ORAI1 gene. People knew that mutations in this gene could cause all these potential problems, but they weren’t sure what tied them all together. The new research revealed that all these problems were linked by calcium. The mutation changed the way our cells use calcium, making it harder for the element to enter tooth enamel and interfering with communication in the immune system.

Sometimes Full Mouth Reconstruction Is Necessary

For most people, it’s a good plan to use normal hygiene and other preventive dentistry techniques to try to preserve tooth enamel. However, this isn’t always effective. For some people, like people with this particular mutation, nothing we do is going to be enough to preserve your tooth enamel.

Instead, we might have to take a more comprehensive reconstructive approach. Full mouth reconstruction is a complicated process that rebuilds most or all the teeth in your mouth at the same time. It uses many restoration, often dental crowns, to create an attractive, functional, and, above all, healthy oral structure. It involves great skill in cosmetic dentistry to construct a smile that is not only attractive, but the right attractive for your face. It also involves an understanding of neuromuscular dentistry to construct a healthy bite that is not just good for chewing, but facilitates the proper function of your jaw joints without causing TMJ.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Myrtle Beach

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