Six Month Braces Can Improve Your Smile

Heather Walker 6 month smiles

This Is Heather Walker After 6 Month Smiles Treatment

The thought of needing and getting braces to straighten our teeth used to make most of cringe.  We didn’t want to think about having all the metal that comes with traditional braces or the pain associated with it.  Many of us can remember those who had braces as kids being teased and tormented with phrases like “metal mouth.”

However, over the years technology and treatment options for crooked teeth have changed dramatically.  Many of us are familiar with the clear retainer type braces called “Invisalign” which our office offers also.  These were a revolution in helping people get a beautiful and straight smile with out all the pain and metal in the mouth, but they are only good for certain types of situations and it still takes a long time to complete the treatment.

Six Month Smiles And Straighter Teeth

What if you could have straighter teeth by your next cleaning…in only 6 months?  It’s true.  You can have a beautiful and straight smile by the time you go in for your next cleaning with “Six Month Smiles.”

Six month smiles, or six month braces as some call them, is a simple, comfortable and cost effective way to get straighter teeth.  The process involves only straightening the teeth you see when you smile and not trying to move all the teeth.  Most people only need the front teeth moved in order to have a better smile and it can be done with out all the metal also.

Six month smiles uses clear brackets and tooth colored wires instead of the traditional metal solution.  From a conversational distance, they are hardly noticeable.  Since we do not try and manipulate all the teeth, treatment times range from 4 to 8 months on average.  That is a far cry from the 2 to 3 years with other treatment options.

If you want a straighter smile without all the metal and long treatment periods, give us a call today at (843) 903-3111.