Are You Looking For A New Dentist In Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a wonderful place to live and our city and surrounding areas have a lot to offer.  The area is also a major tourist destination because of our great golf courses and of course the beach and its attractions.  We have many people that vacation here as well as move here to retire.  This makes for a very diverse population of people year around.

When most people move into a new area, the don’t think about going to the dentist right off the bat.  Matter of fact, it is probably pretty low on the to do list for most people until there is an emergency or some problem with their teeth begins to present itself.  It’s just human nature for most people to try and avoid going to the dentist.  However, sooner or later, you will probably need a dentist for something.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Here is a list of common dental emergencies that could occur:

  • Broken or cracked tooth
  • Filling falls out
  • Porcelain crown breaks or comes completely off
  • Traumatic event such as a tooth or teeth being knocked out or turned in the mouth

If you are visiting our area and you experience a dental emergency, then give us a call right away at (843) 903-3111. We are ready to help and certainly don’t want you in any kind of pain.

Find A Myrtle Beach Dentist Online

When people do need a dentist or begin searching for one, most start online.  One of the best ways to find a dentist online is to just type your question or your particular problem into a search engine and then look for the results that answer that question not in just a very technical way, but in a way that you as a patient can understand.  Also look for videos on their website that explain or talk about dental procedures that surround the information you are looking for.

Most people don’t think about this but a great place to get information is on the video site YouTube.  YouTube is social network, video sharing site and search engine all wrapped up in one and a good dentist is going to have video on Youtube that will educate potential and existing patients on treatment options they have in the office.  Click the YouTube Logo below to visit our Myrtle Beach Dentist YouTube Channel.

Myrtle Beach Dentist YouTube Channel

Carolina Forest Cosmetic Dentistry YouTube Channel

Searching on YouTube for the answers to your dental questions is simple and easy.  Suppose you are looking for information on veneers.  You simple go to and in the search bar at the top type in something like “Dental Veneers in Myrtle Beach SC.”  You can also try a few variations of that term like “cost of veneers in Myrtle Beach” or “porcelain veneer provider in Myrtle Beach.”  The more specific you are with your search, the more specific the results will be for that search and get you to the information you are looking for on veneers.

Dentist With Google Business Listings And Reviews

Carolina Forest Cosmetic Dentistry Google Plus Page

Visit The Carolina Forest Cosmetic Dentistry Google Plus Page

Also, when you look for a dentist online, pay attention to those dentist who appear in the local business listings.  Many times you will be able to see if they have reviews and how many they have.  This is called “Google Plus Local.”  You can visit our Google Plus Local page here.  On this page, you will find post and helpful information from the dental office that should aide you in making better decisions about your oral health and what dentist you might feel comfortable with.  A dentist that effectively uses their Google Plus Local Page will also have pictures and videos on that page to help familiarize you with their office.  It should include times that the office is open, phone number and the physical address of the office.  There are also similar types of business pages on Yahoo, Bing,, Yelp, Best of The Web and more.

Finding A Myrtle Beach Dentist On Facebook

It’s hard to believe but over 1 billion people are on Facebook and that includes dentist.  Most dentist have what is called a “fan page” or “business page” for their practice.  This has become a tremendous way for them to connect with current and potential patients.  A dentist that really is effective with Facebook and wants to help those who they are connected with publishes good and helpful content that speaks to the needs of those who follow him.  Not only that, they will post special offers or let you know if there are potential openings getting you into the office quicker if you need it.  Our office has an outstanding Facebook page and you can visit it here or click the image below.

Myrtle Beach Dentist Facebook Page

Carolina Forest Cosmetic Dentistry Facebook Page

Another way to use Facebook to find a dentist in Myrtle Beach is to use the search on Facebook called “Graph Search.”  This is the search bar at the top of your Facebook page or news feed.  You use Facebooks search for a dentist is a little different than on a search engine.  You can type in things like “people who like a Myrtle Beach dentist” or “friends who like a Myrtle Beach Dentist.”  Facebook will return some very targeted results.  You can then visit their page and see what type of content they are posting as well as what patients are saying about them and their office.  It also doesn’t hurt to ask questions or comment on post to get further clarification on treatment options or procedures the office offers.

Find A Myrtle Beach Dentist Through “Word of Mouth”

With all the technology that is available to us to make our search easier, it still doesn’t hurt to just ask a friend or a co-worker.  If they have lived in Myrtle Beach very long, chances are they have had to use a dentist at some point.  Ask them how they feel about the doctor and the office.  Ask them about the financial policies of the office.  Get all the information you can to help you make a better decision about who to use.

Questions You May Want To Ask A Myrtle Beach Dentist

Here are some questions you should ask when considering using a new dentist:

  • If you have children, ask if the office is kid friendly as not all offices accept children
  • Ask them about their insurance policies and if they take insurance or not.  Not all offices do
  • Ask if they have credit options for financing your dentistry such as Care Credit
  • What should I expect during my first exam
  • Will the clinic staff review my treatment options and cost before work is done
  • Does the dentist use the latest technologies in treating various oral health problems
  • Will they develop a clear way of communicating with me about what I need as well as during treatment

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Want Go To The Dentist

There are basically 3 reasons why most want go to the dentist:

  • Fear of pain
  • Uncertainty about the expense
  • Fear that the doctor want listen to them

When you are looking for a Myrtle Beach Dentist, you want one that will answer these three concerns for you.  Ask them how they deal with pain issues.  How will you make me comfortable during the procedure?  Ask them about how you can pay for dentistry and get a clear picture before you start treatment.  Lastly, is the doctor listening to you.  Is he concerned about what you are feeling as a patient.

When You Are Looking For A Myrtle Beach Dentist, Give Us A Chance To Earn Your Trust

When you do go looking for a dentist, then our hope is that you will give our office a chance to earn your trust and your business for a lifetime.  Our goal is to provide a very high level of care at the same time making you feel right at home and just like one of the family.  If you would like to start a conversation with us or just come by the office and meet us, we invite you to do so.  Call us anytime at (843) 903-3111.  We would love to hear from you.